Kell and Oanh are brave mothers and fellow DIYers that have dealt with the fight against childhood cancer first hand. And when they began to openly share on Instagram about the battle their children were facing, it began to stir up a movement amongst fellow DIYers and quickly became a cause we all would be fighting for.


In 2021, Kell and Oanh began to plan the first DIYFAC, bringing the cause to the forefront of the DIY and maker community. They chose to hold it in September to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and picked one week where all creators, makers and DIYers could raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research using their own platforms.

With nothing more than an idea and passion behind it, they began to spread to word, hand-make shirts, and prepare for the first ever DIYFAC.

The response from the DIY community was above and beyond with many stepping in to do giveaways in order to raise additional funds, sharing info in their stories to raise awareness and both encouraging their friends and followers to donate to this worthy cause. Ultimately leading to raising over $30.000 the first year.

Although DIYFAC has grown, we still hold the same mission as we move forward; to bring awareness and raise funds for childhood cancer through creating, making and DIY.

Donald, lovingly known as #SuperDonald was diagnosed with atage IV, high risk Neuroblastoma at age 4. He has endured several surgeries, over 10 rounds of chemotherapy, over 10 fractions of radiation, and continues his fight.

Chase was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia at age 3. He also had a mutation that put him in the high risk category. Chase had undergone 3 bone marrow transplants, multiple rounds of chemo, and countless days spent at the hospital. Unfortunately, Chase gained his angel wings in 2022 at home, surrounded by loved ones.

Meet the rest of our team

Kell Morgan- Founder

Kell created DIY For A Cure after receiving news there were no stellar treatment options for her son, Donald, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in February 2020. Kell woke up with “DIY For A Cure” on her heart, and the rest is history.

Oanh Dang: Co-Founder

Oanh co-founded DIY for a cure alongside Kell after receiving the news of Chase’s third relapse. She organized and came up with the popular “diy, love, cure” t-shirts and organized the first annual DIY For A Cure which was such a success!

Meg Baker

Meg is a talented DIY content creator, wife, and mother of two. She has come together to help organize DIY For A Cure and design the “excitingly good” T-Shirts.


Ali Ruiz

Ali is a dog mama and “type A” DIY Content creator. She creates amazing spaces in her new home. Ali has come on board and is instrumental in organizing aspects of DIY For A Cure.

Tiff Chan

Tiff is a self proclaimed “slow DIY-er”, but she curates beautiful spaces with style and attention to detail. She has personal experience with pediatric cancer as her nephew also battled Neuroblastoma. Tiff has volunteered to help with behind the scenes organization and design elements of DIY For A Cure.

Hadeel Khater

Hadeel is a woodworker who enjoys product design. Although she does not DIY, she feels strongly about the DIY for a Cure mission. Hadeel also has personal experience with pediatric cancer. She spent many hours at her sister’s bedside as she battles Osteosarcoma.